Extract utility

The extract utility is a simple utility for extracting the game from an .apk file.

The utility is not provided as a binary, because it is stand-alone and really straightforward to compile.


mcpelauncher-extract <source .apk> <destination dir>

The client binary can use any directory as the game directory, but generally the preference is to use ~/.local/share/mcpelauncher/versions/ as the directory for a given version, as this allows you to easily multiversion the game. This means, that if you have a file called mcpe.apk in the current working directory and it is of the version of Minecraft and would simply like to extract it, you can do it as follows:
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/mcpelauncher/versions/ && mcpelauncher extract mcpe.apk ~/.local/share/mcpelauncher/versions/

To start a given version of Minecraft you can then run the mcpelauncher-client with the -dg argument, eg. mcpelauncher-client -dg ~/.local/share/mcpelauncher/versions/

Build instructions


  • Ubuntu - sudo apt-get install cmake libzip-dev
  • macOS - brew install cmake libzip


git clone https://github.com/minecraft-linux/mcpelauncher-extract.git -b ng
cd mcpelauncher-extract && mkdir -p build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j12