Dedicated server

Last updated to work with and, other versions won’t work. If you want to use a specific Minecraft version you’ll need to start the mcpelauncher-server with the -dg argument, pointing to the directory in which Minecraft was extracted using the extract utility or using the Qt UI launcher.


When using the Qt UI use the following command line option to select the game version (replace with the version you want to use):

  • On Linux: -dg ~/.local/share/mcpelauncher/versions/
  • On MacOS: -dg ~/Library/Application\ Support/versions/

Server Properties

The dedicated server is configurable using a file with a syntax similar to the one used in the desktop Minecraft (key=value).


The server automatically saves a default file the first time it is started in the data directory (which is ~/.local/share/mcpelauncher/ by default; it can be overridden using the -dd command line option).

Supported properties

  • level-dir (recommended to set) - name of the world in games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds. An empty name will cause the world to be saved directly in the root worlds directory and can cause issues with saving.
  • level-name - name of the world
  • level-generator - the world generator (0 - old, 1 - infinite, 2 - flat)
  • level-seed - world seed
  • difficulty - difficulty level (default: 0 - peaceful)
  • gamemode - default gamemode (default 0 - survial)
  • force-gamemode - whether the gamemode should be enforced for existing players on join (default: false)
  • motd - Message of the Day, displayed on the server list (has to be set for the server to be shown on the LAN world list, default: empty)
  • server-port - port (default: 19132)
  • server-port-v6 - port for IPv6 connections (default: 19133)
  • max-players - maximal player count on the server (default: 20)
  • online-mode - specifies whether Xbox Live login is required to join the server (default: true)
  • view-distance - maximal supported view distance (default: 22)
  • player-idle-timeout - timeout in minutes after which players will be disconnected. Unlike the desktop edition, this value supports real numbers; (default: 0 - no timeout)

Example of a custom file

level-name=My World
motd=§eMy Minecraft server