Introduction (read first)

If you want to compile from sources make sure to install the basic prerequirements from below.

Basic prerequirements

  • Ubuntu - sudo apt-get install git cmake pkg-config
  • Fedora - sudo dnf install git make cmake pkg-config

What to build

  • You will want to build MSA for Xbox Live support (for the client). Without it the game will not support signing in to Xbox Live.
  • The game launcher to run the client.
  • The Qt launcher UI if you want to easily download the .apk from Google Play and/or easily manage multiple Minecraft versions.
  • The extract utility if you don’t want to use the Qt launcher UI.


When building the server you don’t need to build MSA or the game launcher - only build the server and the Qt launcher or the extract utility.


To update one of the components (so, msa, mcpelauncher or mcpelauncher-ui), cd to it’s directory and run: git pull && git submodule update. Then follow the same compile instructions as when doing a normal build, but skip the git clone line. You’ll still need to follow the install steps again afterwards.


If you installed using make install in order to uninstall do the following as root (escalate using sudo su):

rm /usr/local/bin/msa-daemon
rm /usr/local/bin/msa-ui-qt
rm /usr/local/bin/msa-ui-gtk
rm /usr/local/bin/mcpelauncher-client
rm -r /usr/local/share/mcpelauncher
rm /usr/local/bin/mcpelauncher-ui-qt
rm /usr/local/share/applications/mcpelauncher-ui-qt.desktop
rm /usr/local/share/pixmaps/mcpelauncher-ui-qt.png

Some of the commands may return errors - that’s fine as some modules simply could have been not installed.